First impressions.

The Canon G7X Mark II is an extremely popular compact camera, especially amongst YouTube enthusiasts all over the world. Now, I want to start this review by clarifying that this is the first and only camera of this level that I have owned at the time of writing this. Nonetheless, on first impressions, it has absolutely blown me away. I bought the G7X Mark 2 by recommendation of a good friend of mine who is a professional photographer and he really rated the Canon’s ease of use. I needed something I could take on tour in Norway with me. Primarily, I wanted to be able to vlog the experience but also to take some photos without draining the battery of my iPhone. It’s safe to say that with half an hour playing with the camera’s manual settings and getting to grips with the photography basics, not only was I impressed by the device itself, I was hooked with the possibilities of a decent camera and an imagination.

I have to admit, at over €600, I did find the G7X Mark II a bit on the steep side at first and it even took me around a week to finally bite the bullet and order one. On opening the box and holding the camera in my hand for the first time, that worry about price evaporated. The build quality of this thing is just astounding and although I wouldn’t be throwing it around in a hurry, the device feels very tough and durable. The many buttons and switches on the camera are no exception to this either and they just add to the overall feel of the high quality you’d expect to see.

Whilst the camera's automatic mode is surprisingly good, I only ever switch to it when I ask someone else to take photos for me.


As far as a compact point-and-shoot camera goes, the G7X Mark II boasts an impressive range of features. Importantly for YouTubers, the camera boasts a flip-up touch screen which is essential for framing your shot whilst vlogging. Unlike its predecessor, the G7X, this newer model’s flip screen also tilts downwards for when you’re shooting above your head which I have found useful a few times.

The Canon G7X II features many of the modes you’d be used to seeing on a DSLR camera such as aperture priority, shutter speed priority and full manual mode. Whilst the camera’s automatic mode is surprisingly good, I only ever switch to it when I ask someone else to take photos for me. Even the fully manual mode is intuitive and offers so much more control over the shot.

In video mode, the camera’s autofocus is better than expected and low light performance isn’t bad either. The camera shoots in 1080p at 24, 30 and 60 frames per second, the latter of which makes slow motion footage look buttery smooth. The only thing I would say is lacking is the ability to shoot in 4k, which seems to be a common shortfall with regards to Canon’s consumer grade products. After saying that, I have shot a couple of promotional videos including my Caminito del Rey film using the G7X Mark II and viewers have been astounded when I showed them what they were filmed on.


It’s fair to say that a compact point-and-shoot camera is unlikely to make DSLRs obsolete. After saying that, if you are a camera enthusiast I would say you’d be mad not to own a G7X mark 2. The small size and ease of use makes it the perfect “every day” tool which you can take everywhere. With regards to video, I would have liked to see the ability to record in 4k and this might even be the only thing which puts some people off. After all, most of Canon’s competitors make a 4k capable digital camera in the same category as the G7X. Nevertheless, having owned this little device for around half a year, I really think I would be lost without it!

Canon G7X Mark II