From the beginning.

I started to learn how to build my own website back in 2009 just out of curiosity but it didn’t take long for me to be hooked. It wasn’t just web design which grabbed me either, I became very passionate about logo design, branding and other visual design. I began giving myself tasks just to practise such as making posters, business cards and websites along with researching what makes good design. I didn’t know of any web designers in Nerja at the time so I decided to try to get a couple of private clients. The first paid gig I got was for a dog grooming salon in Torrox, which was followed by a couple of bars and restaurants and I really started to develop some skills.

After a year or so, I was approached by somebody I knew from my musical endeavours who said she knew of an application development company in Salobreña and that they were looking for someone to join their team to help with front-end development. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity and worked for Jensen Technologies for around 2 years. During my time with Jensen Technologies, I learned just how little I had previously known about the development game. I was trained extensively in HTML and CSS coding and learned some basic PHP and SQL skills as these were needed for me to complete my tasks efficiently. I also gained a fair bit of experience in customer service whilst I was there which I use almost every day even now.

In 2012, my schedule as a musician was getting more and more hectic to the point where I was having to turn down some really well paid gigs just because I didn’t have enough holidays from work to take them on. At this point, I made the difficult decision to leave Jensen Technologies and become a full-time musician. I have, for the most part, earned my sole income from playing music live ever since, although I still have always had that bug to create things. I never stopped developing my own websites for my bands and my solo endeavours and because I always wanted a new web project, I found myself reinventing and relaunching my websites every 8 to 10 months. This was when I set to work building my first personal portfolio.

In mid 2012, I launched Bassment Studio as a way to offer my services as a web designer. I kept it very simple and very personal. I referred to myself as “me” and “I” rather than “us” and “we”, which is something that a lot of small independent web design firms avoid. They tend to try to make themselves appear as a company with several team members and a purpose-built office. I have always been honest about the fact I am one person who loves to be creative.

After a number of years building the odd website here and a logo there, I stumbled into a job as an online marketing consultant in Nerja. I was quickly promoted to the head of my department and even I was surprised how little the rest of the company knew about the framework behind a website. This was an eye-opening experience for me as it was the first time that the speed at which a website loads or the correct syntax of a webpages code did not take priority over content. Although I had learned a lot about SEO in my short time with Jensen Technologies, I was now seeing a whole different side to the internet and social media.

In 2016, the company I worked for in Nerja closed its office and I took that opportunity to quit and go it alone. I rebranded Bassment Studio as Tweed Creations and began to focus on the road ahead. After all, website design is only one of my skills. I also love filmmaking, photography, sound engineering, graphic design and other visual and audio solutions which can help brand a business!