There is no excuse for promoting your business with a confusing and poorly designed website. It is your online presence, it should tell the world what you are about. This can be achieved with a clean, professional looking site which brands you and your company the way you want to be viewed.


Getting your brand shared on social media is vital to growing your customer base. With a promotional video, I can fuse visuals and sound to create the most accurate representation of what you do as a business. Videos are far more likely to be shared on social networks than a simple link to your website!


Your online presence is not limited to the way your website looks. Your business profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all those social networks you post to are often the first place your customers will go. It's imperative that your cover photo, profile photo and advertisement graphics look eye catching and professional.


Branding is often overlooked by small businesses but keeping a uniform design to all the things to do with you is what gives you your identity. I can create your logo, business cards, discount vouchers, brochures and social media content to ensure that your clients instantly know they have found you!


Google favours well written content over articles with bad grammar and spelling mistakes. If you need someone to write your blog posts, news articles or any website content, I can help. I worked for a very successful marketing business for almost 3 years and during that time, my department owned page one of the most popular search engine for our keywords.


As a performing musician of over 20 years, I know a thing or two about live sound. I have also created several demo videos for myself and my bands both live and in my home studio. If you are a band or performer and need help with your demo CD, video or any other kind of production, look no further than Tweed Creations!